Hello, what about me?

First of all, I like programming, but we can talk about anything really, as I'm always eager to share and know more about any topics. I've enjoyed and still enjoy playing table tennis, I have a weakness for ├ęclairs au chocolat, my favorite color is red, even if the color of this year is green!
And my favorite animal is the wolf!

On side note, I stay up to date on news about video games, and recently about smartphone games.

What am I going to do with this blog?

Well, it's undecided. Technically it is a portfolio, but I don't want it to be just that. Sure I'll show and share my projects I've done so far, but I'm considering to do androids games testing, especially F2P(FreeToPlay) ones, and add a "F2P friendliness" parameters, as in, judging how friendly and kind the game is toward people that doesn't want to spend money, but rather time into the game.

Also, I have an android game I'm working on and hoping to publish on Google Store someday. You can check details here"

Finally, as I really like teaching, I will probably suggests lots of tips and tutorials in regards of programming.

But for now, who ever you might be right now here, will only witness how the website evolves into a navigable blog :v